Response to "Seattle is Dying"

We aren't properly serving people by standing by idly while people are destroying their lives consuming illicit drugs. Inaction means addicts will move into deeper addiction while they are exposed to dangerous diseases because of squalid living conditions.

Each time an addict is arrested and convicted of a crime we need to give them an option of going into a residential treatment program or going to jail, where they won’t have an option but to get off drugs. We have to hold King County accountable for providing on-demand treatment and residential treatment programs. The nurses’ dormitory across from Harborview is vacant…that is a great option for a residential treatment center.

If one of our family members was an addict, living on the streets, we would want the best for them. We'd want them to live in a safe environment and get treatment for recovery. We need to do this for the people living on our streets as well.